Jardins Moghols by Studio Diurne

Studio Diurne’s “Jardins Moghols” collection, inspired by Mughal miniatures, combines the finesse of the Persian knot with the artistry of wool and silk, creating rugs that evoke enchanted gardens and palaces. Come and discover this wonderful visual and tactile journey through a richness of subtle colors and fine details.

Jardin Sacré - retouché rogné 2
Indore by Francis Sultana

Francis Sultana's "Indore" rug collection draws its inspiration from Art Deco, featuring graphic patterns, sunny colors, and luxurious materials. These rugs are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, utilizing three different weaving techniques: traditional Persian knots, Tibetan knots that capture light in a velvety manner, and flat knots, creating unique color variations.

Cosmati by Charles Zana

The Cosmati collection is a tribute to Italian mosaic artists and to this way of laying shiny, luminous and precious tiles on a bed of cement, matte, in a “construction grey” color and raw. The series transposes these effects, silk for the precious and the luminous, a matte wool, extracted from the sheep without being dyed for the “bed” which receives them.

Abstraction Brute by Marcel Zelmanovitch

Always inspired by the French abstracts painters of the 1950s and the Primary Arts, Marcel Zelmanovitch creates the Abstraction Brute collection. He uses a virgin dyed wool weaving, raw and irregular, composing singular sceneries. These pure lines come to life in silky velvets whose natural nuances evoke the warm presence of animal fur. A simple and strong beauty.

Elements by Mattia Bonetti

An indomitable and multiple inspiration that is expressed in refined objects. Conceived from drawings and even, should we say, developed by drawing, it seemed obvious to us to present with the woven works, the paintings and the hand drawings that were used in their creation.


Trames Imaginaires


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Série Tapestries



Perroquet Tapestries


editor & rug designer

A collection of artist’s rugs ; Artistic expression turns into unique pieces. Classic and contemporary collection, designed br the Studio

Diurne : custom creations according to your project and the design that suits you

RUGS Paintings

Marcel Zelmanovitch’s rugs regularly feature in the most prestigious settings of renowned interior designers and of connoisseurs. The designer develops his work around the concept of rug-paintings : an artwork edited into a unique piece.

Signature Series is part of the Galerie Diurne’s approach to the rug craftsmanship: to create, to be inspired by Decorative Arts, to bring artists to the rug field. Signature Series is conceived as a series of meetings between the rug editor and a designer. The different universes intertwine to propose new textile interpretations from a set of original pictorial works.

The DIURNE collections were initially the desire of the painter Marcel Zelmanovitch to see his creations come to life in another form using fabric and tibetan craftmanship. The DIURNE collections are also a « voyage » thought the past, exploring the trends that inspired the most beautiful interiors: DIURNE Contemporary offers a series of collections, playing on shapes, colors and textures in a modern and elegant style.

The classic collections are created by the designers of the Diurne studio under the direction of Marcel Zelmanovitch. They revisit the great movements in the history of decorative arts, in the world of rugs or in others, and embrace traditional patterns to create unique designs. They demonstrate the know-how and culture of Maison Diurne, which has been working for more than 40 years on both contemporary and classical projects


Galerie Diurne presents Marcel Zelmanovitch’s collections , the founder of the gallery, as well as showcasing individual designs created by artists for their own Signature Collections. In addition, for the last 35 years the gallery’s own studio continues to produce both classic and contemporary designs, as well as original ideas from their partners. Designing rugs of excellence requires the mastery of great craftsmanship and is the result of high-quality materials produced by hand. As in the workshops of the Italian Renaissance, a myriad of artisans still support each artist in the choice of appropriate dyes and materials’ selection, later enhanced by the agility of our weavers and the precision of our carvers. This is the mastery that Galerie Diurne puts at the disposal of artists to help their vision become a reality. For Galerie Diurne, its “raison d’être” is to evolve and develop its expertise in its specific world of art; and to have the knowledge to understand an interior design project in order to integrate an unique work of art, and potentially enhance ideas, drawings or pieces of artistic research into creating a living space. Galerie Diurne draws on its culture to produce a vision of well-being, colour, distinction, and refinement in a way that does not detract from the artist’s original concept. To offer a way of seeing, appreciating and understanding beauty through technique.