Since 1982, Galerie Diurne has been working for some of the world’s most renowned interior designers,

creating exceptional hand-crafted rugs with intense textures and unique designs.

Our expertise is at your service to create custom-made rugs that will sublimate your interiors projects,

whether for hotels, residences, institutional structures or yachts.


Galerie DIURNE works on exceptional interior design projects, bringing all its expertise to bear on the creation of custom-made rugs for the biggest names in design.


The creative process begins with the selection of a model from our catalog, which has been enriched for over forty years. With several hundred creations to choose from, our project managers will find the one that perfectly matches the location, whether it’s an artist’s rug or a contemporary or classic creation from the Diurne studio.


The Galerie also edits its clients’ creations, based on their original ideas. Based on their instructions and inspirations, we suggest weaving techniques, materials, colors and effects, and we draw up a model to visualize the finished rug, contributing our technical expertise, culture and taste.

The Diurne studio works in close collaboration with the client, immersing itself in the project to adapt the selected model to the size and colors of the location, using elements that are specific to the site : plans, fabrics, furniture and architecture.  For artist’s rugs, in order to preserve the signature, the designer follows the proposals and validates them in line with his creation, while for those in the classic or contemporary collections, customers have total freedom to develop them according to their desires.



In addition to his unique artistic approach, the studio’s mastery of craftsmanship enables it to work on the most technical projects: wall-to-wall rugs, special shapes, placed decorations, circular staircases, allowing it to work on the world’s most demanding projects, for prestigious institutions, mega yachts or sumptuous villas.



In parallel with artistic development, we propose a texture adapted to the rug and the location, depending on the desired effects, technical constraints and budget.



We are constantly seeking new effects, working with Tibetan knots, Persian knots, flat knots, Aubusson knots, as well as tufted and hand-woven fabrics.



 For each technique, Galerie Diurne explores the wealth of artisanal materials, from Himalayan wools to silk, mohair, linen and hemp. Our choices of weaves, densities and washing, chiseling and shaving techniques aim to achieve the ideal texture in terms of softness, thickness and density.


Galerie Diurne offers an infinite palette of colors, working from color charts including thousands of nuances.


In addition to our extensive color chart of 150 carefully selected soft colors, we draw from hundreds of other shades available in the ARS chart. 


We also have the ability to reproduce custom colors from fabrics or Pantone charts, guaranteeing perfect coherence with your interior design project.


This diversity and precision in color selection enable us to create unique, personalized rugs perfectly suited to your space.


Working for 40 years on some of the world’s most luxurious projects, Galerie Diurne has won the loyalty of the world’s greatest decorators through perfect mastery of manufacturing, respecting the triptych of deadlines, conformity and quality.


As each rug is unique, compliance with validation procedures and step-by-step monitoring are essential throughout the manufacturing process.


All rugs are subjected to strict quality control, taking into account all the elements of the customer’s project, right in the workshops, to ensure that our customers have no surprises, except the right ones, to meet their production deadlines.