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Rug Paintings by Marcel Zelmanovitch

Rug Paintings are designed by Marcel Zelmanovitch, artist and founder of the House.From decorative art and fine arts to the magnificent nature encountered during his various travels around the world: the light, the colours, the atmosphere… all these memories and feelings collected by the artist define his collections. Marcel Zelmanovitch finds his inspiration in a wide variety of artistic movements from all eras to create contemporary designs.
Lignes Fluides

The creation of this series integrates the practice of "zen" which is characterized by the artist's unintentionality. An approach that gives this composition of "Lignes Fluides" a meditative nature and an autonomous dynamic. In a state of reverie, the mind floats and loses itself, while the hand subtly takes over and surrenders to a random combination of points: a preliminary step to the development of the variation of curves and harmonies that emerge.


The creations of the Kimono collection are interpretations of Japanese prints that depict actors from the most popular Kabuki theater in Japan. The shapes are very expressive, the movements are in progress. Kimono rugs recreate this highlight. The flat colors play with transparency, we can guess the calligraphy lines, the light constantly changes the scene: the story is being told before our eyes.

Abstraction Brute

Always inspired by the French abstracts painters of the 1950s and the Primary Arts, Marcel Zelmanovitch creates the Abstraction Brute collection. He uses a virgin dyed wool weaving, raw and irregular, composing singular sceneries. These pure lines come to life in silky velvets whose natural nuances evoke the warm presence of animal fur. A simple and strong beauty.


For this collection, Marcel Zelmanovitch chose the tapestry and the traditional Aubusson knot. The composition of each model in the series oppose objects with fluid , sharp and thin lines against uncertain, cloudy lines and ill-defined outlines. The tension between the two sets is accentuated by a white background and the contrast between wool and silk.

Grand Fleuve

Light is at the heart of all the textile creations of Galerie Diurne. Its very name is a tribute to daylight. Each dawn is a promise of renewal for the curious traveller and enthusiastic creator Marcel Zelmanovitch.The hemp was the material chosen to weave the new edition of the Grand Fleuve rugs: a visual and tactile journey that evokes Africa, its telluric forces, the powers of its contrasts…


The exceptional fabric of Nepalese rugs suggests a comparison with the parrot’s feathers. Each model presented here is inspired by the plumage of the parrot that gave it its name.

Dessus Dessous

The rug has a special way of approaching the question of volume. In the Chinese or French tradition, the effect of depth is sometimes obtained by the « trompe l'œil ». In this "Dessus-Dessous" collection, it is the differences in the fiber’s composition that gives this feeling of layer and therefore of volume: pure silk on top, followed by the mix of wool and silk, on an entirely wool background.


The confrontation between raw emotion and lightness is reminiscent of the painting of Sam Francis Cali collection honors California’s 70s in its assertive pursuit of independence of pleasure and freedom. The creations of Marcel Zelmanovitch are presented as a birth of the heterogeneous, textile creations where the background and the motifs meet to affirm each other. When they meet, the technique of mixing wool allows them to merge into one another. The visual result is surprising, incisive, precise. These carpets confront us with a game of the artist and his affirmation of freedom in his practice.


For this collection, the starting point for each model is a painting. The perspective of re-creation: trying to understand and restore the interest and success of the piece.The rugs in the Peinture collection are the result of a profound exploration of abstraction, which aims to evoke the emotions and reflections sparked by the thoughts that inspire them.

Hackney Empire RN S0079_1400_2

On a principle of simple composition, made of squares and rectangles articulated around a vertical symmetry, Marcel Zelmanovitch created several series. « Vitrail » takes up the rhythm of the "stained glass" by alternating the play of color between transparent and opaque, bright and dark.

N0074_CLE 1389Sp_grande vignette

Clef is based on a principle of simple composition, made of squares and rectangles articulated around a vertical symmetry and reminiscent of the facade of very old buildings. Here, the regular alternation of the plates is interrupted by elements of various shapes which bind them together. In the vocabulary of architecture, they are called "clés"

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Série Tapestries

For this series, Marcel Zelmanovitch has chosen tapestries in the traditional Aubusson flat weave. Each composition of the series' models subtends entities of fluid, fine and clear-cut lines to others with uneven and cloudy lines with vague contours. The tension between the two elements is emphasized by the white background.

Perroquet Tapestries

For this series, Marcel Zelmanovitch chose tapestry and the traditional Aubusson knot. The composition of each model suggests a comparison with the feathers of parrots.Arising from a collection of Parrot rug paintings designed in the mid 1990s these tapestries indicate a shift toward greater freedom in Marcel Zelmanovitch’s creative process. Here the design, guided as it is by planes, lines and curves of varying depth, is a framework able to breathe life into bold, clashing colours.