Galerie Diurne represents craftsmanship excellence in rug design.
Each piece is a tribute to the artistic legacy of Marcel Zelmanovitch, founder of the Galerie, whose influence permeates our collections.
We are committed to bringing the boldest visions to life, whether they come from the creative minds
of our collaborators or shaped by the expert hands of our designers.

A Craft of Excellence

Galerie Diurne’s rug manufacturing represents a passion for craftsmanship
that translates into every woven yarn, every subtle dye and every carefully crafted pattern.
Our team of craftsmen, masters in their field, perfect every detail with precision and dedication.
Each rug is thus the fruit of a harmonious marriage between ancient tradition and innovation.

A Reimagined Artistic Vision

Beyond craftsmanship, Galerie Diurne’s rug editing is a true artistic exploration. We immerse ourselves in the world of decorative arts, understanding every nuance, curve and space to create unique pieces that transcend their simple functionality. Each rug thus becomes a work of art in itself, capturing a vision, an emotion, a story, and bringing an artistic dimension to any interior it adorns.

A Bespoke Approach

Our expertise is not limited to creation, but also extends to understanding and harmoniously integrating each project. Each rug is designed to adapt perfectly to its environment, to complement and sublimate the architecture, furniture and overall aesthetic of the space. We believe in the power of a single piece to transform an interior, to infuse it with a touch of elegance and refinement.

Manufacturing in our workshops

Our rugs are produced in our workshop in Nepal, where the talent and know-how of our craftsmen come together in a meticulous process. Every step, from the selection of raw materials to the final production, is carried out with incomparable care and expertise. This proximity to the craftsmen enables us to guarantee the exceptional quality of each rug.

Conveying Beauty through Technique

At Galerie Diurne, the art of rug creation is to express beauty through technique.
Every pattern, every color is meticulously thought out to capture the essence of an emotion, a landscape, an idea.
It’s a visual language that transcends boundaries, inviting a profound sensory and aesthetic experience.
The magic of traditional handcraft tells stories, creating carpets that inspire and enchant.