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Jean-Louis Deniot Miami

Jean-Louis Deniot, a reference in interior design for two decades, works closely with Galerie Diurne to create timeless interiors, skilfully blending the ancient with the modern. A shared passion for rugs, considered essential works of art, unites Deniot and Galerie Diurne.

Jean-Louis Deniot


Jean-Louis Deniot's work has dazzled connoisseurs the world over for twenty years. He is part of the history of French decorative arts, weaving a link between the richness of historical heritage here and abroad, and the vitality of today's craftsmen and artists with whom he works in close collaboration. From this osmosis he creates timeless interiors, always original, made up of the ancient and the modern, where all the eras blend together to offer us a perfectly mastered and harmonious vision of wild creativity, constantly renewed.


While his neoclassical vocabulary remains ever-present, he constantly enriches it with objects, materials and colors that his uncommon eye and immense culture select, to create ambiences as majestic and masterful as they are comfortable and sensual. From palaces and villas to Parisian apartments, like so many corners of paradise...

Galerie Diurne and Jean-Louis Deniot


Jean-Louis Deniot's proximity to Galerie Diurne began geographically, when twenty years ago the young decorator set up his offices on rue de Verneuil, near the Galerie.


Jean-Louis Deniot loves rugs and uses Galerie Diurne's palette of tools to create extraordinary pieces. Our studio is constantly amazed by his creativity and freedom. For each project, he imagines a particular decor, draws inspiration from everything around him, immerses himself in works of art as much as in everyday objects, plays with motifs, scales, integrates effects and works with colors and materials to create unique and exceptional pieces.


This creative process feeds on our exchanges, fueled by his taste, culture and vision on the one hand, and by our technical skills and mastery of fine craftsmanship on the other, to translate his inexhaustible ideas into rugs. His projects are sometimes gigantic, and an entire team of designers is mobilized for weeks on end, working in close collaboration with his teams. Over time, they learn to translate the designer's intentions with precision, understand his explanations and deliver the image he has in mind. While his signature is always present, all his projects are an opportunity to explore new avenues and push back the boundaries of carpet craftsmanship.

The project



For his Miami penthouse, Jean-Louis Deniot wanted a rug "like a lagoon", to create continuity between his living room and terrace. The rug's pattern, in a radical gradation from navy blue to white, is symbiotic with the extraordinary view of the sun-drenched sky and sea. This rug is a link between the elements of decoration, between the interior and its environment. It's the foam of waves on the ocean, the shimmer of stars in the sky...


To capture the infinite nuances, the studio played with a very broad palette of colors, which were multiplied by a variety of blends. Jean-Louis Deniot didn't want a smooth gradation, but rather to represent a spectrum that spreads and changes color more or less gradually, like sand on a beach or stardust trailing behind a meteorite. Unbelievably complex, nothing is random in this decor, despite its appearance of freedom and instantaneity. The pattern is placed to the centimeter to accommodate the furniture, the exact colors to harmonize with the fabrics and the artworks. This is a glimpse of our work with this decorator: a perfect mastery of technique for a creative release!

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