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Signature Series

Signature Series is part of the Galerie Diurne’s approach to the rug craftsmanship: to create, to be inspired by Decorative Arts, to bring artists to the rug field. Signature Series is conceived as a series of meetings between the rug editor and a designer. The different universes intertwine to propose new textile interpretations from a set of original pictorial works.

Charles Zana proposes four creative plans, rug paintings for the Cosmati collection. He frames the motif in colorful and luminous variations. Made in the crucible of the house Diurne, known for its contemporary language and served by a mastery of high craftsmanship. The demanding interpretation of the work, through an alchemy of the material and the work of the hand is nourished by a network of craftsmen with incomparable know-how. He translates in five times, the mystery of the light, by the vibration of a coloured colored palette. The carpet metamorphoses into a window that introduces a visible space, a secret geometry.


Francis Sultana's "Indore" rug collection draws its inspiration from Art Deco, with graphic motifs and luxurious materials. These rugs are the result of meticulous craftsmanship, using three different weaving techniques: the traditional Persian knot, the velvety light-catching Tibetan knot, and the flat knot, creating unique color variations. This collaboration with Galerie Diurne, combines art and decorative art, transforming each rug into a potential work of art. It testifies to Francis Sultana's ingenuity in marrying the timeless elegance of Art Deco with contemporary craft techniques, offering unique pieces that evoke both the past and the present.


To introduce one of Mattia Bonneti's works into a design is to disrupt a framework that is too rigid, too perfect, too symmetrical... It is to repel boredom with the vitality of imbalance.His taste for art craftsmanship, for precious objects, those made with ancient knowledge. Those of the eye and the hand by which he expresses his intoxicating modernity.This series illustrates all this. An indomitable and multiple inspiration that expresses itself in refined objects. Conceived from drawings and even, should we say, elaborated by the drawing, it seemed obvious to us to present with the woven works, the paintings and the drawings of the hand having served for their creation.


Raphael Navot has been collecting satellite images from all over the world for many years, such as paintings. By selecting from these images a scale, a frame or a time slot, he underlines the singularity of a soil, of a place, unique by its texture, and its colors, reflection of its history and those of the people living there. Naturally each of his works is titled with the name of the place which inspired them, like Boundary Bend (Australia), Liji (Democratic Republic of Congo) or Lineynaya (Russia).


In this collection, inspired by primitive mythologies. Marie Bastide weaves the connections between nature and emotion. The colours are jubilant, movement is ubiquitous and light penetrates between the shadows The collection can be qualified as mystical, terrene, baroque. In fact it is a little of all that; Marie Bastide has a gift for injecting a form of brutal instinctive expression into the sophistication of her delicate and elaborate compositions.

Trames Imaginaires

The frame, the structural line that builds the space, is Luc Deflandre’s central inspiration. He chose this abstract and universal pattern to develop a variety of color versions, of vertical and horizontal lines that cross and overlap each other, that thicken and transform, and eventually end-up changing the space and its volume. Luc Deflandre reinterprets this language exploring different crafted know-how: board wallpapers, hand-painted floor tiles that will be showcased during the exhibition. The “Imaginary Frames” rugs were made using multiple techniques and materials.