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Classic Collection

The DIURNE collections were initially the desire of the painter Marcel Zelmanovitch to see his creations come to life in another form using fabric and tibetan craftmanship. The DIURNE collections are also a « voyage » thought the past, exploring the trends that inspired the most beautiful  interiors:DIURNE Classic revisits classic textile traditions such as Savonerie and other timeless styles: Tibetan, Florentine, Art Deco ect…
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Jardins Moghols

Studio Diurne's "Jardins Moghols" collection, inspired by Mughal miniatures, combines the finesse of the Persian knot with the artistry of wool and silk, creating rugs that evoke enchanted gardens and palaces. Come and discover this wonderful visual and tactile journey through a richness of subtle colors and fine details.

Dix Huitième

Rich and refined, the oversized patterns of the Dix-Huitième collection recall the wonders of « l’Europe des Lumières », drawing its inspiration from its fascination with the distant Lyonnais silks and Florentine damask which immerse themselves in the sensual charm of the “Mille et Une Nuits”, in the mirages of Byzantium, to give birth to splendid and captivating sceneries.

Des fleurs et Des fleurs

Des fleurs & Des fleurs , DIURNE’s new collection, associates a delicate graphic design with soft and fresh colors like a new spring. These sceneries were born from the pencil, naturally and we replicated them on rugs as only Diurne can do, by finding in the weaving the particular rhythm of the hand.

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The Orient collection is characterized by a palette of rugs with refined motifs that pay homage to classic craftsmanship. Each piece illustrates the perfect harmony between traditional techniques and timeless oriental motifs. The colors used range from warm, deep tones to softer, more subtle shades, offering a diversity that can be integrated into a variety of interiors. The collection embraces a variety of design, from delicate floral motifs to intricate geometries, underlining the expertise and finesse of the weaving work.

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The "Azulejos" collection is a vibrant tribute to traditional Portuguese craftsmanship. Each rug is a work of art that captures the essence of the famous earthenware tiles, azulejos, that adorn the monuments and homes of Portugal. The intricate patterns and rich color palettes of these rugs are inspired by centuries-old designs, bringing a touch of history and culture to contemporary interiors. Our craftsmen have meticulously recreated the characteristic floral and geometric patterns with precision and attention to detail.

Palais à Nice

The "Palais à Nice" collection is inspired by the patterns and colors that adorn palace interiors. The rugs feature intricate, symmetrical patterns, evoking Baroque architectural and decorative elements, with a palette of warm colors and soft hues of ochre and sand, evoking the frescoes and ornamentation of historic ceilings. This collection is conceived as a tribute to beauty, capturing the essence of aristocratic grandeur with a contemporary interpretation.

Jardin Diurne

The "Jardin Diurne" collection is a poetic tribute to nature, a dialogue between craftsmanship and flora in all its splendor. Capturing the essence of a Garden of Eden, each rug is a window onto a world where the beauty of natural forms meets design excellence. These rugs seem to be backdrops for the wonders of nature, where every detail is a leaf, every pattern a blooming flower. The patterns, both floral and abstract, evoke the delicate shadows of plants and trees in the changing light, creating a feeling of serenity.


The Occident collection is defined by its use of classic European motifs, such as central medallions, elaborate borders and floral patterns, all arranged symmetrically and harmoniously. Designs range from the opulent to the subtly detailed, allowing each rug to tell its own story while remaining true to the collection's overall aesthetic.


Inspired by the interplay of light and shadow, the "Reflet" collection captures the essence of reflections and subtle nuances. Delicate patterns, reminiscent of water mirrors or plant motifs, almost seem to move and evolve with the ambient light. Patterns, like timeless arabesques, are revisited with contemporary boldness, evoking an elegance that transcends ephemeral trends.


The "Empreinte" collection reflects a remarkable fusion of the ancestral art of craftsmanship and a refined contemporary aesthetic. Each piece illustrates a timeless elegance through distinctive architectural motifs, reminiscent of the iconic geometric shapes of Art Deco. The collection stands out for its ability to blend harmoniously into a variety of environments, paying homage to the iconic buildings of modern architecture.

Bordure Florale

The "Bordure Florale" collection is a celebration of charm and delicacy, where each rug is an ode to the perpetuity of flora. These rugs are framed by richly ornamented borders, like paintings where nature reigns supreme. The floral motifs that adorn the borders are reminiscent of the gardens of yesteryear, a tribute to the classical motifs that have adorned elegant homes over the centuries.

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Bordure Géométrique

"Bordure Géométrique" collection is a celebration of geometry and color. Each rug, framed by delicate, thoughtful patterns, represents a perfect balance between classic and contemporary design. The borders, sometimes composed of complex patterns, sometimes of simple lines, create a captivating visual dialogue with the single-colored centers of the rugs... The quality of the weave reveals a rich texture that honors traditional craftsmanship, while the border motifs add a touch of aesthetic innovation.

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Ferronnerie Andalouse

The "Ferronnerie Andalouse" collection celebrates the splendor of Andalusia and its rich cultural heritage. Elaborate motifs, reminiscent of the wrought-iron grills that adorn the windows and balconies of this historic region, are enhanced by the use of deep colors and rich textures, reflecting Moorish art and architecture. It's a collection that emphasizes elegance and aesthetic richness, inspired by the lush art and architecture of Andalusia, which are both refined and ornate, bringing soul and history to every space.