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Aminima et le Raku

Galerie Diurne presents a new exhibition Aminima and Raku, combining the rug collection by Studio Diurne and Jean François Delorme’s Ceramics, inspired by the traditional Japanese method of Raku.

The exhibition will showcase this relationship and which we hope will explain this ideal of craftsmanship,this love of the material, worked by an ancestral know-how that Galerie Diurne has the ambition to perpetuate.In the pottery we find a combination of technique and material, a random approach that incorporates nature and enhances it.

More than just a technique, Nani Champy-Schott, one of the people responsible for the wonderful annual potter’s exhibition in Saint Sulpice Square in Paris, said of Raku that she considered it “a state of being. Let it come, accept what happens, and be in harmony with the elements that can escape us…. that is a way to tame them.”

This is what we feel when we discover the work of Jean François Delorme and this ancient oriental technique. He produced during 2016, at a rate of one per day, a set of 365 bowls, consisting of a large number of series inspired in their creation by the Raku technique.


Aminima, a collection designed by the Studio Diurne 

The contemporary collection, Aminima, is a eulogy for simplicity. Soft colours and light tracings shape refined decorations and accompany any atmosphere with elegance and sobriety. The richness and beauty of the materials, wool, silk, mohair or linen, carry the refinement of great craftsmanship aimed at touching the essentials and lets the effect speak for itself.

The Studio Diurne thus demonstrates that simplicity does not prevent great creativity. Its experience of more than 35 years in creating custom craft rugs has led it to understand how to accompany a decoration without imposing itself. In addition to its artistic contribution, a carpet delimits spaces, brings comfort, colour, material, and gives a coherence to a decoration by connecting its components to each other. By offering minimalist sets, the studio imagines an infinite combination.

About Studio Diurne

Studio Diurne is the house’s creative studio. Under the artistic direction of Marcel Zelmanovitch, designers from the most prestigious textile design courses from France work daily on carpet design.
For each project, based on graphic guides, the studio creates unique models designed to inhabit a place. In addition to its custom work for each client, based on its experience gained during multiple collaborations with the big names of decoration, and nourished by the creativity and culture of its members, Studio Diurne imagines collections, contemporary and classical, which are intended to bring alive the design of custom carpets in accordance with its tradition, and in harmony with its time.

Photos Credit : Vincent LEROUX

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