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Land by Raphael Navot

A signature collection by Raphael Navot in collaboration with the Diurne studio

With this third part in the “Signature” collection, Raphael Navot will complete this series of the combination of the traditional knowhow of Diurne and the artistic world of a contemporary designer. And in doing this he will follow in the footsteps of Luc Deflandre and Marie Bastide.

Using the unique and meticulous skills of the Galerie DIURNE, which has excelled in this domain for 35 years, Raphael Navot presents “LAND”, a series of six creations: one tapestry and five rugs, all hand-woven, 6 portraits, 6 skyscapes from around the world, colour prints specific to each setting.

Raphael Navot has been collecting satellite images from all over the world as pictures or curiosities for many years. By selecting a scale, a view or a moment in time, he highlights the singularity of a setting, a place, unique in its texture, its landscape, and its colours, which reflect its story and the stories of the people who live there. Naturally each of his works is titled with the name of the place which inspired them, like Boundary Bend (Australia), Liji (Democratic Republic of Congo) or Lineynaya (Russia).

For this exhibition, a range of techniques which are specific to textile arts and crafts have been used to contribute to the essence of each of his pieces: coarse weaving or extremely fine weaving (350 000 knots/m²) and materials with many effects and nuances to illustrate the infinite variations of the landscapes he has chosen.

Each technique enriches the subject and overlays the heterogeneity specific to each setting chosen by Raphael. Thus, from one décor to another, we explore the play between the materials, the flat surfaces and the blend of natural and noble textiles, such as linen, silk and wool. The play on the different depths of the velvets gives an effect of volume and reinforces the effects of light on our reading of the décor.

About Raphael Navot 

Gifted in many different skills, Raphael Navot is a non-industrial designer  and a graduate of the Eindhoven « Design Academy ». He mainly works on subjects linked to interior design, mixing traditional methods and contemporary skills, as well as designing custom-made furniture for each of his projects. The blend of colours and materials makes each project a unique experience and a unique space.

Most notably Raphael created the Club Silencio in Paris, in partnership with David Lynch, and he designed the Paris flagship store of the Japanese brand Pas de Calais.

He recently completed the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, and the “La Laiterie” space in the Domaine des Etangs in Massignac.

Collection "Land" par Raphael Navot

About the Galerie DIURNE, designer and exhibitor of tapestry as an art form 

Founded in 1982, the Galerie DIURNE initially came about from the wish of the painter Marcel Zelmanovitch to see his creations come alive though the rich and varied medium of woven material. With his insatiable curiosity about other people and other places, he launched the design studio which he had created with the Signature Collections, a series which perfectly illustrates the vocation of the DIURNE Gallery: to display unique pieces, created as private orders, with and for its clients, private individuals, architects or decorators.

Thus this expert in textile arts and crafts uses its knowhow in the service of a space, a place, to come up with the rug which will perfectly fit into the interior for which it was designed. Combining the excellence of its decors with a varied with an exceptional catalogue of woven textiles (mohair, linen, natural silk…), the Gallery makes custom-made craft pieces for unique places in partnership with the greatest international decorators (Jean-Louis Deniot, Studio Ko, Robert A. M. Stern, Francis Sultana, Claude Missir…).


Photos Credit : Vincent LEROUX

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