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AMINIMA and Raku Collection

Galerie Diurne presents a new exhibition Aminima and Raku, combining the rug collection by Studio Diurne and Jean François Delorme's Ceramics, inspired by the traditional Japanese method of Raku.

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For Paris Deco Off 2019 the Diurne house presents in exclusivity a selection of iconic carpet paintings by Marcel Zelmanovitch.

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Land by Raphael Navot

Raphael Navot presents “LAND”, a series of six creations: one tapestry and five rugs, all hand-woven, 6 portraits, 6 skyscapes from around the world, colour prints specific to each setting. Raphael Navot has been collecting satellite images from all over the world as pictures or curiosities for many years.

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Image Perroquet

Perroquet Tapestries

``There are noble hues, others are common, soothing and others excite you by their sheer brazenness``

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Image Abs2


We rediscover the designer’s great sources of inspiration in the French abstract artists of the 1950s.

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Image 2


The rugs of this collection Grand fleuve dialogue with these floating wood sculptures designed by Ibled, whose imagination gives life to these objects.

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Image 4


In Dessus Dessous collection, Marcel Zelmanovitch conceived an original expression of relief, giving a new depth to its compositions. This effect reminds us of Christophe Bonnard’s ceramics and their brightness.

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Image 55


Marcel Zelmanovitch drew inspiration from the Nabis for his Kimono collection. This avant-garde movement emerging at the end of the 19th century rejected realism in favour of an interpretation of nature stamped with emotion and spirituality

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Image 6


Cali, a tribute to San Francisco of the seventies, sounds almost like the wandering echo of a distant memory re-surfacing, an incubator of freedom, independence and joie-de-vivre. This lightness resonates with cold and hardness of Patrick Lainville’s sculptures.

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Image 7


The creative studio of Galerie Diurne demonstrates all the finess of its experience, offering a variety of sophisticated aesthetic and technical interpretations...

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Image 3


After all, the Lascaux rug invites us in a journey on the footsteps of the men we have been; we who don’t fear the ground and its devils anymore.

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Image Luc Deflandre

Trames Imaginaires by LUC DEFLANDRE

Galerie Diurne showcases the new Signatures Collection, Imaginary Frames by Luc Deflandre, at the Diurne Workshop, at 50 rue Jacob in Paris. It is an opportunity to discover a selection of pieces woven in the most delicate qualities, presented in the broader framework of the artist, and travel into his universe.

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Image Marie Bastide


In this collection, inspired by primitive mythologies. Marie Bastide weaves the connections between nature and emotion. The colours are jubilant, movement is ubiquitous and light penetrates between the shadows The collection can be qualified as mystical, terrene, baroque.

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